Kimberly was born with a port-wine stain on her face. At the age of 13 she began the journey to conceal her birthmark with cosmetics. Due to the lack of experts in the industry at the time, she developed her own skills and became a self-taught makeup artist. 

As a result of becoming an expert in concealing for over 30 years, Kimberly has also become a specialist in skin. In her aesthetics training she discovered that various skin conditions have special needs. Kimberly's philosophy is: concealing is only part of the process, it's also about nurturing the skin, and that makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath. Therefore, she naturally knows and educates her clients on basic and advanced skin related needs and custom makeup application techniques. 

Los Angeles based, Kimberly has demonstrated various brands and beauty related products in the media for over 20 years. She has extensive experience and enthusiasm for transforming lives and Kimberly's compassion for her clients brings a healing element to everyone she touches. In October 2009, Dr. Oz interviewed Kimberly on his show where she performed a medical makeover.  Kimberly has also been interviewed on countless news programs and talk shows in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada including; NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX  and WB and you may have seen her demonstrate brands on QVC, TSC and HSN. In addition to television appearances, she has also been interviewed by multiple national publications and internet radio shows. All of this incredible experience is a result of Kimberly’s own personal experience and passion for her gift.

Kimberly is proudly the West Coast volunteer makeup artist for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation. 

"Wearing and working with high-coverage, concealing makeup has given me the greatest opportunity to contribute something to the world I never knew I would have the strength or ability to do. I am truly blessed to share my passion with others who have social challenges from permanent or temporary skin discolorations. My greatest moments are bringing my clients to tears of relief and joy. Words can't describe the feelings of freedom and confidence that are experienced through concealing skin differences."